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CMAC Advisory Group helps clients transform their sales strategies and develop the leadership skills necessary to succeed at work.  As an advisory and consulting firm, our team specializes in Sales Consulting, Executive Coaching, and Business Strategy Design.  What makes our group unique is the combination of academic discipline and years of hands-on operating experience.  Our goal is to serve as an expert resource to help YOU solve two of the biggest challenges every organization experiences today: how do we evolve our sales approach and how do we lead in today’s marketplace.





Helping executives and organizational leaders clarify vision, build new leadership skills and successfully navigate complex situations.


Helping clients engineer change in their selling strategy to adapt to modern buyers and embrace Digital selling.



Our experienced advisors serve as interim senior leaders or short term consultants to help develop strategic blueprints for our clients.


Our team has decades of higher education teaching experience and an equally impressive track record of success as business operators in a variety of industries. 


Our team has deep understanding of important professional development topics as sales strategy, personal branding, digital transformation, social selling, leadership development and navigating complex change.

evidence based

We apply a variety of assessments and research techniques to assess situations and develop solutions that drive better results.




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